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Author Topic: Areal Bad and worse then bad KS  (Read 5441 times)


Areal Bad and worse then bad KS
« on: July 20, 2014, 08:45:09 AM »
Im mentioning this game to make people aware of it, and the issues surrounding KS itself,

But now Im going to name it for a few reasons, as this KS is one very rotten and I MEAN ROTTEN apple.

Where to begin?
That is a tough one, West Games formed after the STALKER studio was closed, thing is, we have proof, only 1 of the West Games dev worked on STALKER for most of the project, the other two did a years work then left, and the other members of the team had nothing to do with stalker,

now that is out of the way, West Games have made a KS to ask for $50k which raises one of many red flags, WG claim they have pooled all of their money to make this game, but need 50k to finish it, this is a outright lie, as on a russian TV service, an interview was carried out, between the CEO, then later another version of the interview was leaked, and this said that the 50k will be used as a start up, to create a tech demo to raise more funds, to get the real cash. This is against the KS own rules.. so another red flag.

as the game is meant to be a spiritual successor to Stalker, and to be  honest, I dont think they have a clue, on top of that promising to port the game to 6 platforms, and support 9 languages, and this by next year

that is just a breif summary of the issues,

Thing is, there are loads of things wrong with this KS, words fail me, poor updates, devs not commenting on the comments page since thhe 30 june, fake accounts created, and very likely fake pledges too, (that seems very likely now)

so you think with all this KS will step in right?

Wrong, they not lifted a frelling finger, and this has pretty much destroyed my faith in the platform, and now, to top it off, WG staff and friends are spamming their own comments section, and making out that some people (myself included) are trolls but they have done this since yesterday

in fact, they now claim they got an email from putin, that supports WG and Areal, but the spammers that are under WG employ, attacked the russians with insults and words and well its backfired. But we are still getting spam on the comments page,

this is turning into something more then a joke, but then again, if KS doesn't act, they will only lay the foundations for their own destruction, as people won't trust them anymore, not when rotten applies like areal are allowed to carry on, if you want to help, contact KS and ask them why they allow areal oon KS? Contact news sites and tell them about this. Because unless KS changes, then KS as a platform, as a means of trust will be no more.

Sure there been a few other bad apples, but this KS beats them all, and while yes there have been many KS games that haven't made it, but this isn't the point of this point, its while the KS is still in the funding stage, this is where KS needs to change, and right now, they are going to regret not stepping in if they don't do something soon, and meida sites start reporting the truth about this KS

here is the link, but please don't pledge or help fund this game

another thing, they did an AMA fairly recently, and that was another train wreck, more copy and paste then real answers

well my faith in KS is no more, unless KS wakes up and does something about areal, I dont think Im going to support anymore games on that platform


while the game has been funded, the issue is, its been funded by WG themselves, this has been the case for a while now, but it is a straight up scam, by allowing this KS is going to burn, they need to sit up and realise that scams like these will be more and more frequent, if they dont change things. yes the project has been reported, but little in return from KS itself.


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Re: Areal Bad and worse then bad KS
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2014, 12:31:06 PM »
Yeah, this team is not those who made the cult-classic STALKER. Oddly enough, I was looking up the progress on the next game to come from the makers of STALKER earlier this week, they are currently working on a free-to-play MMOSPMPFPS called Survarium. It's currently in closed beta phase exclusive to select Russian communities. Its release is said to be sometime in 2015, with a worldwide release.

To anyone wondering about game details, I know little to none. My Russian acquaintances tell me they know little to nothing about the game other than that it is in development, and that it doesn't disappoint. While I know that it does not follow the STALKER universe, but it has ideas from STALKER such as anomalies and a set zone. If anything, it seems like it draws even more inspirations from the book A Roadside Picnic and the Fallout franchise. Wikipedia link, and even this gives you little information.

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Re: Areal Bad and worse then bad KS
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2014, 03:36:56 PM »
There are scams online?  What a shock!

People is people dude, and there are always gonna be people who find ways to make money off of legitimate systems (see also:  Wall Street and the US Government)

Not trying to make a big thing of it, but we really shouldn't be surprised that people are trying to rip people off.  It's like when people are shocked at how Apple keeps releasing a new product every year and charging an arm and leg for it.

Alonso Martin

Re: Areal Bad and worse then bad KS
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2014, 10:05:01 PM »
I've read something about the campaign and these guys, but I honestly can't work out the whole situation in my head.

It's definitely the weirdest crowdfunding campaign I've seen, and it's filled with exciting stuff like conspiracies, cultural clashes, spies, and even Putin's involvement. We're only missing aliens, but it just can't get more colourful than this.


Re: Areal Bad and worse then bad KS
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2014, 04:51:22 AM »
well KS stepped in yesterday and killed the spamming, but WG were creating new accounts to replace the old.

yeah its been a strange KS, and there certainly will not be a game, but I think once more of these scams are made publish and places like forbes keep and track of them and bring them to everyone attention, KS will be forced to change ot go out of business, sure they have done well to get this far, but if they don't enforce the rules, then they might as well admit they have no rules and any project / creator can do what they want. then that will be the end of KS.

still there is hope that KS is watching this and might shut it down before then, but Im losing hope on that, even though WG have broken a lot of rules, still some gaming sites are starting to report this a scam, and maybe this will change KSD, but not sure. there is still some time before the this finishes, so anything can happen, (ends thursday)


Re: Areal Bad and worse then bad KS
« Reply #5 on: July 22, 2014, 12:41:21 PM »
the KS has been suspended! I say again, its history!!! finally KS saw sense and shut it down, not sure on the reason, but probably because they bork every rule in the boo, and well I pulled out, son can't comment.

but this has been a massive victory, Im sure Kim and co will be crying their eyes out for messing this one up:p

so its over, at least until there is another KS that smells like a scam. but areal is no more


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