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Alonso Martin

Welcome to the Heart Forth, Alicia Forums!
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Hello there, and welcome to our forums!

These forums are a place that we've put together to give all of our fans and supporters a better opportunity to directly communicate with both us and each other. We're dedicated to being active and involved on these boards as often as possible to foster the best community we can, and we hope that you'll all stick around over the course of development to do the same.

Now to introduce the members of Heart Forth, Alicia's development team that'll be on the forums with you!

Alonso Martin - Alonso Martin - The guy behind Heart Forth, Alicia. Alonso has handled developing most of the game thus far. He's done the story, design, graphics, and code, but he could totally use a few helping hands! He also has a passion for film and philosophy, and he's let it spill just a bit into the game.

Jonathan Geer - jonnygeer - Jonathan is Heart Forth, Alicia’s composer. If you’re a fan of the genre you might have heard of him from the work he’s done for Sparkle, Owlboy & Grim Joggers, but he’s also known for his work on major television shows such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Access Hollywood, to name a few.

Thomas Hertz Orre - tompa - A toolmaker from the ringwalls of Gotland, Sweden. Today he's making less medieval tools and programming solutions for games, and will help code enemy and boss behaviour if the project is funded. Thomas is especially focused in the fields of AI, editors, algorithms, animation and has through years of developing gained a matured sense of execution and teamwork. Is he a viking in his spare time? Probably not. But we can't be sure.

Fran and Miguel - fran gonzalez and Miguel Angel  - They make up the Spanish art and game studio Fu Essence and, if the project is funded, we'll be able to able to enlist their talents for Heart Forth, Alicia's character animations and enemy design. Very few people animate pixel-fingers as well as these two, trust us. Check out their website at

If you want to get in touch directly with a team member or draw their eye to your post, just put a '@' before their username and they'll receive a notification that you've mentioned them!


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