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For a while there I thought this game might not actually have existed!

I first found out about this game through Chucklefish, who was publishing it (at the time), and thought it looked really cool; then a while ago any existence of it disappeared from their site. I looked around several time over the past year or so, but because I didn't know its name, as I had only ever seen it through a link on the Chucklefish website, I had no luck in finding it... until today. What happened?

Regardless, I'm glad I finally found it again.
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Path, HFA is being quite in the spotlight(articles, fairs... )
It had an epic KS campaign: (with several updates)
Alonso (the author) is quite active on twitter:
There is a Discord Channel where you can chat with Alonso and other fans/cool devs:
Every Tuesday night, there is a live stream on twitch where Alonso shows how he works on the game! Be sure to follow the channel and activate the notify to receive an email.
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