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General talk / Re: Build 759 Deprecated
« Last post by Alonso Martin on September 18, 2017, 09:25:06 AM »
Are you getting a specific error number? Also, make sure you log in with your username+password for the backer's club, not your email.
General talk / Build 759 Deprecated
« Last post by TSRViper on September 18, 2017, 03:22:27 AM »

I just downloaded the backers demo build.  Attemped to log in and I recieved a message "Deprecated Build, download later version from Backers Club"

Is there a later build than 759 and where is it linked? The file I downloaded was from the backers club.

General talk / Re: All backers demo
« Last post by Chris van Darg on September 17, 2017, 02:15:07 PM »
You're very welcome! I thought it only fair: You did some amazing work, gave everyone a demo (after the recent delay news, which, by the way, I am not too concerned about seeing how good the demo is) and so I said to myself the least I could do is give some feedback :)

Ah, so the symbols are used like that. I might have paid too little attention to that - my bad! Seems pretty rational and rather useful if you do it like that. Scrap that from my last post, then ;D
Then it's just the text speed / automatic proceeding of it.
General talk / Re: All backers demo
« Last post by Alonso Martin on September 17, 2017, 01:09:02 PM »
Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Chris! It's great to know someone else enjoys the work you've been doing for years.

The gamepad icons are a problem we're aware of, we will release a patch soon to fix that.

As for the "next line" icons, one means "more dialog from the same character ahead" and the other one means "stop/end". I agree one could be enough. I think there's two icons because of Xenogears' and other JRPGs' examples. E.g. Xenogears opened and closed quotes when characters spoke, which hinted that the next dialog line would be another character speaking, or that the dialog was altogether over. Will think about it :)

General talk / All backers demo
« Last post by Chris van Darg on September 17, 2017, 09:38:25 AM »
So, I just came to play the demo (at least once, I might go throught it again).

Let me start with this: I LOVED IT! It felt really good, controls worked and came in quite natural (I am using a Logitech F710 which acts as an XInput Controller). I didn't even die once (I am so proud of myself right now :P), so you can say I got the basic grip of it.
As a kid born in the early 80's, I of course adore the art style you chose for Heart Forth, Alicia. Pixel graphics done right always get to me in a special way, as is the case with this prime example. Thanks for that! Also, the map is done pretty well, had that handheld Castlevania feel to it (like in Aria of Sorrow, for example).

I'd like to point out two (minor) things which I feel worth mentioning.
First, I got shown a wrong button symbol when picking up the Charged Strike. In the menus, it would show the correct 'A' button symbol for the strike attack, but the tutorial text for the Charged Strike put a red circle button symbol instead. I know this is just a demo and that it's probably already on the list but I thought I'd mention it nonethelss.
The second thing is kind of twofold, both parts being in regard to the dialogue / text message system. In the beginning, when the prologue text is shown, I would have liked the option (and actually thought it was done this way at first) to proceed with the text at my own pace. When the little sysmbol showed up in the lower right corner, I took it as a means of saying "this page of text is done and when you press a button, it will continue". Which it does, but it also went on automatically if I didn't press anything. Now I'm not saying that the display time for the text was too short, but for a slow or non-natural English reader it might be too fast anyway. If it only proceeded manually, you'd never run into that issue, of course.
In combination with that, I felt that the two (I think) different symbols in the dialogue windows were not quite consistent. What I mean by that is, I could not really tell what each symbol stood for exactly. I at least had the impression that, regardless of the symbol, text would sometimes proceed automatically (which, after the prologue, I thought would only be the case with the page symbol, not the block symbol). This impression might be wrong, I'd have to check that properly in a second playthrough. Still, I personally didn't feel the need for a second symbol overall but that's just preference, I guess.

Still, these two little things did not disturb the fun I had with the little demo and I was kind of sad when the end screen came up ;) This is really getting the look and feel of those 16 Bit Metroidvania games well done and I am totally stoked for the finished game. So, keep up the great work (and take your time, as HFA deserves to be awesome!) and make this as good as the demo suggests :)
No problem :)

If anyone else is wondering, all backers will get a Steam key by default plus any $5 add-on keys they pledged for at the time of the campaign. Steam keys are not interchangeable with $5 add-on keys, though.
never mind im a ditz, i missed the rewards section on my backer page, my bad.

delete or lock please.
title says it all really.
That's really heartwarming to hear, solarphantom! <3 Thanks for sharing that and for backing the game.

We have friendly a Discord community where you can share your progress, screenshots or ask for any feedback. Might be a good way to get more motivation to work on your game projects :)

I also do livestreams every Tuesday at 1pm CT, would be great to see you there!:
Great, solarphantom. We need a lot of cool new game devs! :3

If you start to work on a project show us a bit of it every now and then! ^ ^
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